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Hair loss specialist NJ for Men and Women

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While hair loss in men occurs as a normal part of aging, it can also be the result of thyroid gland disease, anemia, vitamin deficiencies, and autoimmune diseases. Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disorder that attacks hair follicles, causing circular patches of complete hair loss. While this condition is usually self-limiting, treatment may be necessary if it is causing severe thinning or hair loss. Scalp infections may also contribute to baldness.Visit hair loss specialist nj.

For the treatment of hair loss, a doctor will first need to determine the cause of the condition. If it is due to hormonal imbalances or genetic factors, a doctor can prescribe an appropriate treatment to address the condition. In most cases, a physician can prescribe medication that will help regrow hair. Other treatments can involve surgery to replace lost hair.

Treatment for hair loss in women can include medicines and nutritional supplements. Certain cosmetic procedures and chemical products can also cause hair loss. While these treatments may not completely stop hair loss, they can help you regain confidence. And in some cases, they may even prevent further loss of hair. And if a medical condition is the cause, a doctor can prescribe a hair loss treatment that will improve the condition, slow the loss, and help you maintain a good appearance.

In severe cases, hair transplant surgery can help restore your hair. During this procedure, a surgeon will remove a strip of scalp and transplant individual hair follicles. However, the procedure is expensive and may have side effects, including infection and scarring. Moreover, it may take several months to see the full results.

A newer treatment for hair loss is platelet-rich plasma (PRP). In this therapy, a blood sample is spun through a centrifuge to extract the plasma and other growth factors, which are then injected into the scalp to stimulate hair growth. While this treatment is expensive, early research indicates that it is safe for patients. However, it is painful, and it does not cover insurance.

Some forms of hair loss require no treatment, and the hair will regrow on its own. In others, hair loss treatments may be enough to slow down the rate of hair loss or even encourage some thin hair to grow back. For some men with more severe balding, surgery may be required. Surgical hair transplantation is an option, but it is not a cure. While a hair loss treatment can be effective, it must be taken consistently or the hair will eventually fall out again.

Another option for women with hair loss is topical medication. These medications are easier to apply than oral medications, but they can have side effects. Topical treatments are not recommended for women who are pregnant or plan to become pregnant.

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