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Choosing a Drug Rehab

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Drug rehab is a good option for many people, but not all rehabs are the same. Residential rehabs are much less intense than outpatient programs, and patients are given more freedom and independence. Part-time programs, also known as partial-hospitalization programs, offer therapeutic services in the day but allow patients to go home at night. These programs are appropriate for people with high expectations of success and a high degree of self-direction. They also require a supportive family environment. You can look at this site to learn more about them.

The two most common types of outpatient rehab are intensive outpatient and partial-hospitalization programs. While both types of treatment require a substantial commitment, inpatient programs usually last five days or longer. Intensive outpatient programs are best for those who can devote a few hours a day to rehab, while partial-hospitalization programs require up to six days of care. These programs also include ongoing treatment after leaving the rehab facility. Outpatient programs are more flexible and offer more flexibility, but they do still require a significant time commitment.

When someone is seeking treatment, obstacles are common. Insurance coverage, personal finances, and family support are just a few options. Many people have trouble adjusting to a new environment and may need financial help. However, talking through obstacles can help patients focus on their recovery and the treatment goals. They can also ask for help, if necessary. Often, the support of friends and family is key to the success of a program. They can give a patient the motivation to stay the course and meet their goals.

Some people experience withdrawal symptoms during withdrawal from opioids. They may require medication that is prescribed by a doctor, but inpatient rehab provides the medical supervision that is necessary to overcome withdrawal symptoms. Inpatient rehab programs are more intensive than outpatient programs, but the outpatient option is also a good choice. Most outpatient programs require a person to attend an outpatient treatment program for 10 to twelve hours per week at a local treatment center. If the addiction has been long-term, a long-term drug rehab might be the best option.

After a drug rehab, most people are expected to continue attending individual and group therapy. The primary therapist will review their progress and recommend continued support. Individual therapy and support groups are important. Because addiction is a chronic disease, continuing to attend these programs is essential. Those who do not complete rehab often experience relapses, simply because they no longer feel 100% better. The best drug rehabs provide the tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy focuses on changing patterns of thought and behavior. This type of treatment digs deep into the patient’s emotional state and helps them confront fears and get back on track with their recovery activities. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 40% to 60 percent of people complete treatment and relapse afterward. Fortunately, there are options. However, it is important to understand that these programs do not solve the root cause of addiction.

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