Owens & Sons Aluminum Slide-On Trailers – Information

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Boat trailer repair involves several different parts. The loading mechanism is often a major source of problems. Most boat trailers are equipped with a hydraulic lift, rollers or slides. The rollers are typically rubber, and they help pull the boat out of the trailer using a winch, which may be electric or manual. In some cases, repairs are necessary to keep the boat afloat.

The wheel bearings should be checked every 1,000 miles to make sure they are functioning properly. If they are overheating or frozen, they should be replaced or repaired. In addition, faulty wiring or short connections could be a sign of a larger problem. It is also important to have someone else keep an eye on the trailer’s turning signals. You can get additional information at boat trailer repair St Petersburg

If you don’t know any boat trailer repair specialists in your area, it’s best to ask fellow boaters for recommendations. This will ensure that you get a recommendation that is reliable and affordable. Having multiple recommendations will also help you make the final decision. A good boat trailer repair service will work with you to prevent your trailer from breaking down.

Keeping the brakes in top condition is another essential boat trailer repair. A malfunctioning brake system can lead to dangerous consequences. Often, brakes will fail due to excessive wear and tear or repeated submersion. Brake shoes, for instance, can become contaminated with saltwater and crack after repeated wetting and submerging. Brake drums and hydraulic brakes are also common problems that may require boat trailer repair.

Aside from brakes, boaters should also check the tires of their trailers. If they are too worn, it could be an indicator that the axle has bent. If this is the case, it’s necessary to replace the axle. If the tires are older than six years, it’s best to replace them. In addition, it is a good idea to carry a spare tire and a jack.

Another important step to prevent a breakdown is to keep the trailer well-lubricated. Grease is an essential lubricant for the trailer’s bearings. You should also have an extra oil cap in case your trailer’s oil leaks. This is a cheap insurance policy. It is also a good idea to check the tire pressure before every road trip. In addition, you should also make sure that you have a spare drain plug.

Keeping your boat trailer in good condition is crucial for your boat’s safety. Leaving your trailer outside during the winter can lead to rust and deterioration. Also, if you frequently drive your trailer on the road, it is likely to be exposed to salt, which can cause it to seize or rust.

If you’re unsure of where to find a boat trailer repair service, consider visiting the Boaters List website. Its extensive database includes OEM and aftermarket boat trailer parts and accessories. It also includes a directory of marine resources.