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Often, a doctor can use a combination of non-surgical treatment options to help you deal with your joint pain. First, your doctor will perform a physical examination to identify the underlying cause of your joint pain. They will also likely order x-rays and blood tests if necessary. You can learn more at Clarksville shoulder pain treatment

Other treatments for joint pain include acupuncture and magnetic pulse therapy. Acupuncture involves using needles to stimulate different body parts, and magnetic pulse therapy applies an electromagnetic field to the joint. However, these treatments are not suitable for advanced cases of hip or knee arthritis. Instead, these methods are more likely to only relieve the symptoms temporarily.
Once a doctor diagnoses your condition, he or she can recommend the best joint pain treatment. This can include using physical therapy to increase range of motion in the affected joint, as well as medication to reduce pain. Surgery is also a viable option, though it should be considered only after discussing the risks and benefits with your doctor.
Regardless of where you choose to seek joint pain treatment, it is essential to find a clinic that specializes in this type of condition. The right clinic will have the resources and expertise to diagnose your condition quickly and accurately and help you return to good health. Most joint pain clinics have a series of questions that will help them identify the root cause of your pain and prescribe the best treatment options. Typically, they will ask you questions about your lifestyle, previous injuries, and any symptoms you’re experiencing.
If the pain is only mild to moderate, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are a common option. These medications can reduce the pain caused by inflammation, but they have side effects. If your joint pain is severe, you’ll need a more aggressive treatment method such as narcotic pain medications or antidepressants. A combination of all of these options will often be most effective for you.
Your doctor will prescribe various medications and therapies to help you manage your pain. General treatment for joint pain typically involves medications, physical therapy, and rest. Depending on the severity of your pain, your doctor may recommend surgery, physical therapy, and home care. Depending on the severity of your pain, your doctor may also prescribe an injection or recommend lifestyle changes.
Over-the-counter medications and topical capsaicin are effective in reducing swelling and inflammation, and may be used for temporary relief. Physical therapy will also strengthen the muscles around your affected joint and can help relieve joint pain. Other non-pharmacologic treatments include heating pads and ice applications. If none of these methods help, your doctor may recommend a brace to support the affected joint.

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