A Spotlight Of QC Kinetix

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If you are looking for a joint pain center, there are several things to look for. Here are a few tips to help you find the best one. When choosing a joint pain center, make sure to ask a doctor about the options. You will be glad you did! Having joint pain can be devastating and you will want to get treatment as soon as possible. A good pain management center can help you get through your pain with as little pain and discomfort as possible. By clicking here we get info about regenerative medicine near me

Round Rock regenerative medicine is a branch of alternative health care practiced in twenty-two counties in and around the small town of Round Rock, Texas. It was founded by Mark Whitfield, who is a former employee of Round Rock IT who decided to turn his passion for creating a better way of life into a business opportunity for himself and his family. He has done this through seminars and publications that have reached out to thousands of people with the message of renewing their health and vitality through natural and holistic means. By offering services such as nutrition counseling, vitamin and nutrient injections, homeopathy, acupuncture, and other alternative medical treatments, the business has grown to over thirty-two locations in eighteen counties in Texas alone. In addition to providing health care, it also provides spa treatments and even conducts home visits.
The Whitfield family has provided the Round Rock regenerative medicine clinic with funds to help in many ways. They give away over one hundred thousand dollars each year to feed families and children in need. This money has allowed the clinic to build a number of well-known schools and colleges like Round Rock College, Southwestern University, and Incarnate College. Additionally, this money has helped them to purchase land and build houses for those in need. As a result of this, the children in these schools and colleges are getting the education that they deserve.
The business is not only spreading its message across the country but around the world as well. In India, doctors who attend this healing method have been known to heal children and adults who have had leukaemia or cancer. In Brazil, it has been credited with treating athletes who are fighting heart disease and other illnesses. Whitfield believes that by providing natural healing methods that combine Eastern and Western medicine, he can bring balance and harmony back to the health of his patients.


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