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Welcome to
Mirfield in Pictures, a site dedicated to the small town of Mirfield in the county of West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. This site includes some local historical information, a few personal memories and, of course, lots of photographs.

The knight in armour represents man's journey through life. Authority is depicted by the ram's head. Wheat represents the fulfilment of one's hopes. A compass is the symbol used by Freemasons and refers to direction.

The Mirfield Coat of Arms (above) bears the Latin 'Fruges Ecce Paludis', which means 'Behold the fruits of the marsh' and in the Domesday Book, Mirfield is listed as
'Mirefeld', meaning 'a pleasant clearing'. For an explanation of the symbols
employed in the Coat of Arms, hover your mouse over the picture itself
(Internet Explorer only).

To navigate this site, simply click on the subject headings in the left-hand column
or use the search facility below. Please note that this site is ICRA labelled,
so it is suitable for family viewing.



Last Updated 10 August 2010
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